Autism Parents

Welcome to the Autism And Us parent/caregiver community of support website. Many of us need support to help us along our journey with our loved ones on the spectrum. We offer the opportunity for parents to not only receive support but also have a voice. You will find these benefits through our online support groups, getaway events, resources, and more. Here at Autism and Us, it is our mission to continually promote autism awareness. A very large part of this awareness comes from the voices of our parents/caregivers. Autism and Us is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Parents and caregivers are our main focus. But if you’re an educator, therapist, coach, case worker, medical worker, on the spectrum yourself, or have any interest in autism, we also welcome your support.

Part of Our Mission is to serve as a community of support for parents and carers of loved ones with Autism. This also includes promoting awareness about autism throughout our communities.

Parent Pam Cranmer on Autism Awareness:


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