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With all that’s going on in our world today, there are many changes in our daily routines. However, below you will find some helpful resources and ideas.

No doubt, many of us are feeling cooped up in the house. Not only our loved ones on the spectrum, but us as well. Below are a few ideas, you can implement, to make this time more bearable for everyone.

  • Get out of the house! Take a walk around the block or to a neighborhood park. You may consider hiking. This is a great form of exercise and, a great way to get out of the house. Or you could simply go for a car ride.
  • Set aside family time. – Find a good movie that the whole family can watch and enjoy together. Play. Consider including prizes for the winners or simply when a goal is reached. If you have a young child, make it family play time. Allow them to lead with their favorite toys and play. Art time is also always fun.
  • Make the most of this time with your family. Have everyone participate and take part in preparing a meal for dinner.
  • Family chat. – Talk. Everyone join around the table, living room, or even in a circle on the floor. Go around the circle, giving everyone a few minutes, to talk about how they’re feeling or to just simply talk.

    Many of us may, already, be practicing the ideas listed above. If not, now would be a great time to implement them into the family’s daily routine.

Resources to help you cope during this time:

Tosha Rollins MA. LPCA: an autism mom, advocate, licensed professional counselor associate, creator of the Piece by Peace Parenting Program, and Host of the Autism in Action Podcast.

Inspiration by Kate: Inspirational Speaker skilled at inspiring people to do things they never thought possible.


Stay safe. Wash your hands for routinely for at least 20 seconds each time.
Use social distancing of at least 6ft from others when out and about.

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