Safety And Autism

The world around individuals with autism may be overwhelming, especially in certain situations. These situations may not be understood by others. So, being proactive is key to safety and autism. These elements can include securing the home, ensuring an emergency contact list is in place, creating a safety plan for school, speaking with your local police force, water safety and communicating with your neighbors.

The safety, of our loved ones on the spectrum, is a major concern and ongoing issue. To provide that autism friendly environment, these concerns should be addressed as soon as possible.

Here are some Suggested ideas, and practices we’ve gathered from a few of our parents:

Remember, the key to be proactive with safety. Everything needs to be in place in order to prevent tragedies from happening. If your child is a wanderer, you will want to make sure your doors and window are equipped with alarms that can alert you.

An emergency contact list, should be created and shared with everyone who spends time with your child. Begin the list with who should be contacted first. Then, follow up with others who are able to help and support when needed.

On the first day of school, and of course, during your child’s IEP meeting, be sure to plan and discuss a safety plan specific to your child. Also, it is vital that everyone, on your child’s school support team, is familiar with and knows how to implement your child’s safety plan.

Always keep open communication with your neighbors. ….or someone they do not recognize and/or familiar with. It would also be a good idea to speak with your neighborhood officers. This will allow them to become familiar with your child and the behaviors they may present. a good idea to speak with your neighborhood officers so that they are familiar with your child and certain behaviors they may have.

Water safety is vital to your family’s safety plan! Wandering and the attraction to bodies of water are a major problem with those on the spectrum.

Protect your loved ones!

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