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Autism Parenting Articles

Are you a parent of a loved one on the autism spectrum interested in sharing your journey with us? Are you an adult on the spectrum who can provide some valuable insight to us parents with real life situations?

We are looking for a few good writers for weekly articles to post and share on our Autism And Us parent blog weekly.

What type of articles are you looking for?

Because our community is all about parents caring for loved ones on the autism spectrum, your article must be autism related.

Examples of things to write about:
– Your own personal journey as a parent or caregiver raising a loved one on the spectrum
– The challenges of being on the spectrum yourself raising children
– The ups and downs of parenting a loved on the spectrum
– Crafting Ideas
– Parenting Tips and Suggestions
– Life Lessons
– Fun Times
– Travel
– Autism And Homeschooling
– Motivation and Inspiration
– ETC…
Articles must be original from you.

What do I need to know and do to contribute an article?

We are so glad you asked. Here is some info.

  • Your article must be of at least 750 words or more to be considered.
  • You don’t have to be a professional writer, just an interest in sharing something that may be of value to other parents or letting parents know they are not alone through your story.
  • Articles will be checked for originality before being considered for publication. However, we do ask that you check for common errors before submitting.
  • Your article should not include the promotion of other resources although mentions are fine if it involves the story you are sharing.
  • Your article must not contain any harshness or bashing towards any organizations, people, or therapies used.
  • You agree not to republish the article you submit to us on your own website or any other outlets for at least 6 weeks after we publish on our blog.
  • You will receive full credit for your writing (including your name as author and a link back to your own blog if available)
  • Once accepted and published you will receive an egift card worth $25 as a thank you for your contribution.

Published articles will be for public viewing when shared on our blog as well as our other social media outlets.

If you like to share stories and interested in contributing to our blog, get started by clicking the “Click Here” link below.

CLICK HERE to submit your article for consideration:

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