Autism Awareness Month Day 9

No two people with autism are alike. They are different.

When I first started to learn about autism, I didn’t realize everyone on the spectrum was different. I thought autism meant, all those affected with it would be just like my son. I didn’t understand about the different types of autism tell I really started to read the books. Then later I would learn of different relatives who also had autism but were totally different. Then of course visiting my son’s class or being at events with other autistic children. These things help to give me a better understanding of the differences.

Autism Awareness Month Day 9 - Different

Those on the spectrum may share some of the same symptoms that go along with autism but act differently. One may like the sounds that drums make and react by dancing. Another may hear the drums and scream in agony because of the noise the drums make. One child on the spectrum may be able to talk while another one never uses his voice. There are so many ways that make them all unique.

So the next time you have been introduced to someone affected by autism, don’t immediately assume that every one with it is the same. I’ve stated in an earlier blog that you could be sitting right next to someone with autism and not even know it.

So this quote holds true. “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

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