Autism Awareness Month Day 8

Autism Awareness Month Day 8One thing about being on the autism journey you may have a moment of good, bad or ugly or they can turn out to be a day of one or the other. Everything can be all good and everyone is happy. Then before you know it everything can get out of control. You have to be prepared for whatever type of moment or day it may turn out to be.

My family has experienced it all. For the most part my son is generally happy and I can say we have had more good or in between days then anything BUT…there has been plenty of times when everything is going smoothly then BOOM!

We all have moments of frustration but with autism you really can’t control how it’s handled. Yesterday I was able to capture my son in his moment of frustration. I shared it in the Autism And Us – Support Group but I’ll also share it here. This was one of those in between good and bad moments. It didn’t last long, it’s just a sample of how good can turn quickly. Before this moment he was happily playing with his toy cars as usual but then he decided he wanted something and you’ll see the result of that in the video. Sometimes these moments can last for hours. Those are what I call a bad day. Having those type of day’s have lead me to tears at times but I try not to show my frustration or stress in front of him. Two frustrated and stressed people is not a good thing.

His Moment

When he walked into my room and up to me I knew from the look in his face he wanted something. I had my phone already in my hand so my gut told me to press record and see what happens. When he does this I try to get him to say what he wants before I actually get up to go see what it is. When I can’t figure it out after a few tries, his frustration kicks in…this was one of those moments.

I’ve learned to stay calm because that will only make the frustration worse. So in a calm voice I keep trying to get him to talk or tell me what it is he wants. He tries really hard to get the words out, so I understand the frustration when I just don’t get it. Those times I just can’t get what he’s trying to say I’ll eventually get up so he can lead me to whatever it is.

In this case after he calmed down he left my room and went to his sister. She’ll usually just get up and let him lead her to whatever it is. Especially if she’s in the middle of something, like on the phone, lol. But what keeps us hoping is he is trying and that’s what we want him to do even though it may come with these type of moments…Good, Bad Or Ugly. Other things also contribute to these types of days. It’s all a part of this thing we call autism. I’m still learning and trying to figure it all out. Patience, Love And Understanding.

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