Autism Awareness Month Day 14

One thing is certain and that is autism does not discriminate. *Quick Bit Blog*

Leo Kanner was one of the first to describe autism. It has been noted in some of Kanner’s early research in the 1940’s that autism affected highly intellectual families or white upper and middle class. The mother’s of this class were said to be cold to their children.  He referred to them as refrigerator mothers. This would be a part of the reason some think autism comes from bad parenting. This research was found untrue and it does not discriminate. It is now known that autism can affect all races and socioeconomic backgrounds.

It is still not known where autism derived from or what causes autism, research is ongoing.  What we do know or can assume, is autism has been around for a long while and more worldwide awareness and acceptance is needed.

Autism Awareness Month Day 14 - Autism Does Not Discriminate


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