Autism Awareness Month Day 13

Support Is Crucial When Raising A Child With Autism.

I don’t know how things would be for us today if it weren’t for my main circle of support, my family. You should not try to travel the autism journey alone. Raising someone with autism can include plenty of stressful times. Even when things are good you may just need someone to talk to and share. Support can come in many forms and from many places. It just takes reaching out to people you know and trust and people who have been there.

Autism Awareness Month Day 13

Parent groups online and offline, can be of a great help. It feels good connecting with others who are going through the same things as me. It let’s me know that I am not alone and relieve some of the overwhelming feelings I may experience. I also learn new things and get suggestions among other things. These groups are valuable.

I always get to know my child’s teachers and keep in constant contact. We had some hiccups in his first year of elementary school but our persistence paid off. He has since been lucky to have some great teachers who are experienced with ASD students and are passionate about what they do. This year, I am not able to see his teacher on a regular basis so we do weekly calls. She keeps me up to speed on what he’s doing while he’s in her care and I’m at work. I also keep her up to speed on what he does when he gets home from school.  She needs my support as his teacher as much as I need hers. It’s a great working relationship and progress in some form is always accomplished.

The doctors and nurses that work with my son are also a good support system for us. We’ve been lucky to find medical personal that are available to answer and explain any questions we may have. They offer suggestions on therapies and help with his yearly IEP. They have been a part of his life since his diagnosis.

If possible never settle.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the support circle you have try others. Look up autism centers in your area. Go to autism friendly events. Talk about autism often, you never know who is listening and ready to be there for you. Let google be your friend. But never try to do it alone.

If you know someone who has a child with autism offer your support. The smallest bit of support can mean a lot to someone going through what you really don’t understand.

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