Autism Awareness Month Day 12

Autism Awareness Month Day 12 - Growing Developmental Disorder

Is Autism Really One Of The Fastest Growing Developmental Disorders?

There is a growing controversy to if autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the U.S. It’s rate of growth is along side of Diabetes, Cancer and AIDS combined. There are many factors that can contribute to autism. Those factors used to be diagnosed separately or placed under an umbrella that gave different types of autism. Today they are all considered Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD with levels.

The CDC reports 1 in every 68 children are being diagnosed. What exactly is this saying? Is it actually growing or are more and more people recognizing the problem for what it has been all along?

No matter the case, we know autism is a growing problem in our communities. It’s also a fact that more money and resources are needed for research to help combat the problem. Consistent awareness in the faces of everyone is key.

My thought is, there needs to be a way to find out what triggers autism. If it is family genetics how and why does this happen. What can we do if it’s an environmental problem. More emphasis should also be put into vaccination studies. Let’s not forget, the womb…what changes before birth can occur to cause this. And whatever else can trigger autism needs to have questions addressed with facts.

I’ve read several articles and reports on risk factors. None of them really touched to my satisfaction on why it is a fast growing problem. I feel no one truly knows if indeed autism is growing fast. Our children are just getting properly diagnosed at a faster pace.

What are your thoughts?

Are you aware?


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