Autism Awareness Month Day 11

Yes It’s True! Autism Is Not An Infectious Disease!

You really do have to let some people know that autism is NOT an infectious disease. You absolutely cannot catch autism just by being to close or touching someone who is affected by autism.

Autism Awareness Month Day 11 - Autism Is Not An Infectious Disease

Autism is described as a disorder which affects the mind and/or body. Although it is used sometimes interchangeably with disease, I have to agree there is a difference. Disease is described as a identifiable group of signs and symptoms. Most can be cured. This is different from what autism is because you can’t identify the actual cause and there is no cure for autism. You can only treat the conditions that come with it.

I found this breakdown on Reddit:

Reddit Snip

So if you are one of those who wouldn’t dare get close to an autistic person, try it next time. They need love too. Our babies affected with autism may have some quirkiness about them but you definitely won’t catch that unless you like being a little quirky too 😉. Then there are those affected that may not want you close to them but again it’s not catchy.

Are you aware?


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